ABS Technology

We, as architects of technology solutions, ensure the smooth implementation of process-driven solutions.



Automated Operations

  • SAP implementation
  • Process integration with webMethods BPMS
  • Process monitoring with ARIS PPM, webMethods BAM

Reporting Solutions

  • Business Intelligence Reporting Solutions
  • Technologies: Microsoft, SAP BusinessObjects

Optimized / Outsourced IT Infrastructure

  • IT department and architecture optimization
  • ITIL -compliant IT processes
  • SAP Maintenance and Help Desk
  • IT Infrastructure



The easiest way to have SAP solutions: by subscription-based hosting service


The suite of business solutions is developed around the ERP component which offers the following value-added characteristics:

  • A comprehensive industry-specific ready-to-run ERP solution
  • Pre-configured and continuously adapted based on our customers’ needs from your industry
  • Updated according to the accounting, legal and financial legislation in Romania.

Further on, you can also benefit of the other components which are ready to sustain the improvement of:

  • Your sales processes through a platform dedicated to customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Decision making process through the operational and managerial reporting solution (BI).


Our solution allows you to implement and run SAP solution without additional investments in hiring and training IT resources dedicated for the management of the IT applications and infrastructure.

From now on, the role of these resources is taken over by the range of professional and reliable services dedicated to data hosting, helpdesk & IT infrastructure administration provided through the state-of-the-art data center.


Fixed and predefined cost: all the costs associated to the use and administration of our solution are included in the monthly fee, as a fixed value, allowing you to forecast more easily your cash-flow.


  • Fixed price, fixed scope and fixed implementation time
  • Easy access to a world class ERP system end to end powering your business while simplifying the IT infrastructure
  • Reducing the up-front capital costs associated with traditional software licensing and IT infrastructure, by using a service that requires only a monthly subscription
  • Flexibility and scalability in extending the functionalities and adapting to the future requirements of your business due to the wide range of options for licensing and deployment