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Because we care

Because our commitment transcends the borders of our involvement in daily business projects developed for our clients, we have directed our focus also on the social responsibility projects.

By this we try to give to the community the attention that it deserves in order to ensure the support in developing a future that will enrich all our lives.

Adopt a tree!

In collaboration with the ViitorPlus Association we have contributed to the forest repopulation of a part of the Calarasi County in order to rebalance the natural equilibrium required for a sustainable development of the environment with direct impact on economical and agricultural life of the local community.

Therefore, in December 2008 we adopted 130 trees as our Christmas gifts to our clients. And because we are committed to our cause and fully support our partner in this project, we are happy to actively participate on April 4th 2009 to the planting process.

Help a child to keep going to school!

Fact: In Romania 40.000 children annually abandon school. The main cause is poverty which affects more than 30% of Romanians.

This Christmas we have chosen a special way to express our thought and consideration to our business partners by supporting on their behalf a group children to continue their studies in order to enable them choosing and deciding their future.

The Christmas contribution was implemented through “Help a child to go to school!” - a project managed by “Fundatia Dezvoltarea Popoarelor” NGO.

In 2011 we intend to add another dimension to our Business Transformation projects by developing projects that are dedicated to increase the chance of children with almost no-future-opportunity to integrate to the society.

We will keep you updated with news via our special newsletters.